Friday, January 2, 2009

Beau Sacs

Means beautiful bags in French.
A Girl can never complain own too many bag in her life.
Whenever there's new design, then gotta own it, right?
That's why Louis Vuitton, Gucci's business are right on top even at the lowest point of economy...
Ok, stop the crap...
Introduce you the 1st batch of "beau sacs" from Le Femme Fatale!
Hope You'll Like to Own It! ^^

Inner Part(Can open or tighten up!)

The Measurements:

Other Colours Available:

A Beach/Casual/Cute/Elegant/College/School Bag You definitely want one!
(Why college/school bag? Because it's A4-paper-friendly!)
Olive Green
Baby Pink

(Do state the colour in your order!)

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Beau Sacs ~ Le Femme Fatale